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chapter endings & beginnings


here Surrender was my word for 2016. What the heck was I thinking? Lesson learned. My future words for each year will be things like: Favor, Prosperity, or Joy. You tracking with me? I’ll reserve the study and contemplation of surrender to one day in a bible study of my choosing. I’m only half kidding. As […]

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tips + tools for marketing workflow // part 1


When you’re responsible for managing Digital Marketing for 20+ clients, finding the right workflow is the difference between success and insanity. When it comes to content marketing, consider tools, apps, plugins, and platforms your bff’s, saving graces, and lifelines. There is, however, an overwhelming list of options to choose from, so today I’m going to share with you my […]


3 ways to embrace fear


My heart was pounding when he asked me.  My palms started to sweat, and my mouth went dry, but I somehow managed to utter the phrase, “SURE!”   My pastor asked me if I wanted to speak at the church.  Like, SPEAK speak.  Like, give the sermon, speak.  Like, preach the gospel in a 40 […]


simply bliss boutique // workspace feature


Melissa Hernandez with Simply Bliss Boutique   Simply Bliss is a faith-based boutique, committed to providing contemporary styles for the modest young woman! website // instagram // facebook Why did you start your business? Aside from my love for fashion, the real driving force behind Simply Bliss was my desire to set a Godly example for […]

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