3 lies you believe about technology


buy cheap neurontin {part one} Ladies, there is nothing worse than feeling ‘out-of-the-loop’, ‘out-dated’, or ‘behind’ in the current marketplace trends as well as in our own personal lives. Technology has a way of making you feel stupid or dumb about the littlest things. While initially there is freedom in the fact that you have found a confidence about […]\"http:\/\/\/2015\/11\/03\/breaking-hart-district-election-results-are-in\/embed\/\" BLESS {WELL}

winners of our launch giveaway announced!


Do you know how excited we are! Do you also know how hard it was to NOT bless of you with one of these giveaways!!! But not to worry, we may just have to do this again sometime! Thank yous go to each and every one of these giveaway ladies who supported this launch with […]


new site launch + celebrate with a giveaway!


WOW! What a journey this has been….and someday soon we will share the whole journey of dreaming, planning, launching, failing, discouragement, fear, and now……relaunching with you:) But today we just want to CELEBRATE!!!! The Lord burdened our hearts over a year and a half ago to create a community for women who love Jesus and […]


a new way of goal setting


It’s that time again….goal setting – everyone is talking about it, posting about it and instagraming about it….and so are we. I (jenn) must be honest. In years past, I got so distracted and overwhelmed by everyone ELSE’s goals and successes that I simply got depressed! I am determined to NOT let that happen in […]

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