4th Annual Polish Fashion Show- Dallas, TX

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Small business ownership is crazy town. When I overhear my friends in corporate positions talk about their jobs I try to play it cool when my thought life is…




You mean to tell me that there is a whole person devoted to your social media? A whole TEAM of people? Hold up Batman. You mean to tell me someone else is checking your email, managing your schedule, and saying no for you? Sweet lord of delegation, that sounds amazing.

Trying to compare positions and industries is futile and I believe comparison is harmful too. We’ve got to focus on the path we have chosen as dreamers and doers.

I’m always resistant to adding a special event to the Polish calendar. It inevitably takes more hours and more man power than we could have estimated. But the Polish Fashion Show has proven to be one of our best brand building assets for our ministry.

Polish Dallas 2015 Fashion Show-Behind the Scenes with the Fashion Blo-0059 (Custom)

http://shredderjoe.com/contact-us/?full-site=true Special events are incredible brand builders. It could land you on Glitter Guide, build collaborations with influencers that change the course of your business and it could create the kind of media stir that we can’t afford to pay for.

Our Fashion Show has been a game-changer for us and resulted in so much momentum for our organization. And yet when dreamers and doers ask me if they should do a special event I caution them to answers these questions before they book the venue…

  1. How many hours do you think it will take you to put this event together? Great. Now double that amount.
  2. If it takes twice as many hours as you are estimating would it still be worth it?
  3. Does the event fit your audience? Remember, your online audience, social media following are totally different than your local audience.
  4. Who could you collaborate with for the event that would be a win-win for both organizations? This year we’ve got 50 partners for the show. Yup you read that right. And the power of those collaborations is incredible.
  5. What date did you have in mind? Add 6 months to that production schedule and you’ll be on point.

The Polish Mission is to share the gospel with young professional women and equip young professional women to share the gospel. And so our Fashion Show has become a way for us to accomplish our mission, raise funds for the ministry, and gain tons of exposure in our target market all at the same time. It’s been the best Polish Dallas brand-builder yet.

Polish Dallas 2015 Fashion Show-finale-0043 (Custom)

Swell readers, you’re all invited to our show THIS THURSDAY May 19th 7-9pm in Dallas, TX. If you use promo code http://faithfamilyandtechnology.com/family/memory-monday-the-bird-bath/ POLISHLOVESWELL you’ll get 25% off your tickets. You can buy your tickets here. We’ve only got 10 more front and second row tickets left!



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