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reflect & refocus 2017


get link I approach each end of year believing I am on an island – believing I am the only one dreading January 1st. This is why I don’t do goal setting. The thought of it makes me cringe. Goal setting makes me feel like I have failed before I have ever even put pen to paper. […]

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3 ways to embrace fear


My heart was pounding when he asked me.  My palms started to sweat, and my mouth went dry, but I somehow managed to utter the phrase, “SURE!”   My pastor asked me if I wanted to speak at the church.  Like, SPEAK speak.  Like, give the sermon, speak.  Like, preach the gospel in a 40 […]


3 tools to study your bible {well}


In our fast paced and full lives (notice I didn’t use the word busy) many of us desire to not let our time in the word become an afterthought or even rushed. We have 3 tools to help you study God’s word {well}! 1. 5 Tips to Study God’s Word – Quick 7 minute video […]


i’ll see it when i believe it


As a mindset coach I help female entrepreneurs work through fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and pretty much anything getting in their way of success. I so often hear new clients saying, “that sounds great, but I’ll believe it once I see it happen”. Living with this mindset is really saying, “I don’t believe God is […]


confessions from a cubicle – part one


I’m a dreamer currently working a corporate career while also being a wife and mom. I have my own business and look forward to fulfilling my dream of being a full time entrepreneur one day. For such a long time, I’ve enjoyed both careers as each one has unique characteristics that challenged me. It’s been […]

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