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confessions from a cubicle – part one


I’m a dreamer currently working a corporate career while also being a wife and mom. I have my own business and look forward to fulfilling my dream of being a full time entrepreneur one day. For such a long time, I’ve enjoyed both careers as each one has unique characteristics that challenged me. It’s been […]


7 tips for conquering your inbox


As small business owners, it’s so easy to become a slave to our inbox!!! It’s HARD to keep up with it, and to not feel anxious about constantly responding. We live in a culture where everything is immediate – and we tend to feel that way about emails, too! It’s time to hit PAUSE and […]

5 things I learned in starting a non-profit


If you have ever had dreams of changing the world or making a difference in the lives of others, you may have considered starting a non-profit organization. I’ve always been the one to say, “The world doesn’t need another non-profit”. It’s the last thing I ever wanted to do. Non-profits are difficult to start. Just […]

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