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ch. 17 + 18 // your children’s & spouse’s dreams // podcast with demi austin-thomas



**Please note, we have released two editions of this devotional. One we refer to as the “First Edition”. In the first edition Chapter 16 is Dreams. In the second edition Chapter 16 is Motherhood, and we combine ch. 17+18 into one chapter

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk Ch 17 + 18 // Your Children’s Dreams & Your Spouse’s Dreams

Today’s Swell Session is with Demi Austin-Thomas. Demi and I chat about her two prayers, praying for our children’s dreams and our spouse’s dreams. I was so encouraged to hear her passion for praying for and raising up what she affectionately refers to as her imperfect children. We also chat about the importance as wives to be cheerleaders for our husbands and their dreams. I am always filled up after a little time with Demi and I know you will be too.



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We would love to hear tangible ways you support and encourage your spouse and children’s dreams? 


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