ch. 22 – goals




photo by Kelly Rucker

“I surrender. I come to you right now with such a deep desire to accomplish the things that please You. Help me to give up my own goals and dreams in favor or Yours. Lord, please give me wisdom on what goals You would like me to pursue. Make the goals you have for me plainly clear.” – excerpt from the prayer on goals written by Lara Casey in 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer.

I will be honest. Goal setting is not my favorite thing. I don’t know if its because I fear I will fail or if I am such a free spirit I would just rather “go with the flow”. Regardless, for most of us, goal setting is part of how we navigate this world of dreaming and doing. I love this prayer because it sits us down before the thrown welcoming the Lord to make His dreams and goals for us known. To take away selfish desire and ambition and become one with His plan for our lives. -jenn message from Lara….

It can be so hard to live in the world as a creative believer. So much tries to fight for our attention and our hearts, right? But, here’s one thing I know for sure: God is faithful. His promises are true. When we seek Him, we will find Him. Something that helps keep the eyes of my heart in the right place is to surround myself with other women who want to grow in faith and want to do it together. Taking online relationships offline and soaking in encouragement from others through books like this have been life-altering for me. We were given our creative gifts by our Maker, for our Maker. Let’s use them well together as we encourage one another in truth and love. If we’re all going to the same place — eternity — so let’s cheer each other on along the way!

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