confessions from a cubicle – part two


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where can i buy prednisone for dogs So what happened next?

It’s been a journey of praying, planning and goal setting for over nine years. I did experience times of doubt, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t and of course those days when I’d rather cover my head than get out of bed. The road of ups, downs, twists and turns led me right where I needed to be and right to the decision of LEAVING CORPORATE AMERICA!

I am officially an entrepreneur and it is truly exciting and terrifying at the same time. I believe in what I’m doing and I know that belief and faith will help you conquer those ugly thoughts that linger in your mind. How did I get here?
I remember traveling years ago for my corporate job and writing a letter to my then 3 year- old son from my hotel room in Houston. In the letter I described where I wanted to be in the future and what I wanted our life to look like as a family. I wanted a flexible career allowing me to earn the same level of income or more to provide for our family and save for the future.

In addition, my dad and grandparents were entrepreneurs. As a child, I watched each of them impact the lives of others through their businesses. The impact they had on the lives of people in our community created a desire of service in my heart.

You can be a wife, mom, and servant leader and have a career allowing flexibility and financial support you are looking for in life or a ministry that fills your soul and aligns with your purpose. best place to buy accutane online uk For me, going back to my roots and the heart of who I am is how I found me. It is my hope to empower others to be true to their dreams while living a happy life and creating a positive financial future for my family.

3 Tips for Transitioning out of Corporate America

  1. Choose Grace – This transition will have its highs and lows. But give yourself a few weeks to get used to the new schedule and new “normal”
  2. Get into a Routine – Corporate America can be good for that Monday-Friday routine. It will be tempting to enjoy the possible freedom that comes with no one expecting you “in the office” Once you have given yourself some time to “sleep in” (if that is even an option) figure out what your new schedule will be.
  3. Find your “new” community – Find your people that get you, your new life, that can hold you accountable to reach new goals, learn new skills and create new ideas. You will need them.

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