How do I submit my story to be featured?
How do I find out if there are {well} groups in my city?

follow url Our heart when we began this journey was to connect communities of women entrepreneurs across the country in a physical way. We believe in the importance and power of community. {well} cells are still a vision of ours! We are regrouping on this huge undertaking, so stay tuned as we prayerfully work out all of the logistics.

How do I get my store or workspace featured?
Will you be hosting a conference?

Ah! Another dream of ours is to host {well} workshops and someday a {well} summit. We have decided to cling to the age old business practice…Keep It Simple Stupid….for now that is. A workshop and conference is on our dream list. The Lord has it now….we will see what He chooses to do with it!

I am a photographer and would love to submit my photos!
Do you work with guest bloggers? I would love to be a contributor.

We sure do! Visit our Be A Contributor page for more info. Can’t wait to hear from you.