“i don’t want to be married to a CEO”



how to order prednisone “I don’t know if I want to be married to a CEO”

Yes, my husband said that to me about 6 years into our struggling marriage. More about the marriage another time, but I will tell you where that comment came from.

My husband knew the Lord gifted me and wired me to be an entrepreneur. My drive and ambition is actually what he loved about me in the first place. But now it was jeopardizing the reconciliation of our marriage. I was pouring every ounce of energy and time I had building my dream – a graphic design business. The truth is, my dream was giving me a significance that my marriage was not. When my husband said those words, I realized something needed to change.

I wish I could say our marriage changed immediately or that I don’t struggle with finding my significance in my work. I have come a long way, but the temptation is still there. But seven years later, God has been reminding me of those words my husband spoke and challenging me in a new way… I view money as it relates to my job and the time I am investing. In the past I have just worked, worked, worked in the name of “this is my gifting, this is what I am created to do” without ever making sure I was a good steward of my time and resources. I was viewing my business through the lens of how I view ministry. That I am just supposed to give, give, give and serve, serve, serve. God will take care of the rest.

Tastylia Buy 20 MG But I am running a business. And we have bills to pay. And at the end of the day this business is costing me something to run – time, energy and resources. Those are my investments. So God has been challenging me to start asking myself – buy modafinil uk cheap what is the return on your investments. Is it costing more than you are getting in return?

With these questions asked, I have had to get real comfortable talking about money. The Christian culture has developed some polarizing views on money. I am not going to talk about them here, but I am going to share a few things God is wanting me to consider regarding the topic.

Lydia + the Proverbs 31 woman were profitable – These women in the bible they worked hard and they were profitable. Yes, money is something the enemy wants to turn into an idol. But as my husband says, money ranks right up there with oxygen. We need it to live. It pays the bills, provides for our family and enables us to give more.

I have such a desire to help people, that I did so at the expense of my business. I have a huge heart and burden for small business owners (thus the birth of The {well} Studio) that I found myself discounting my design and marketing services just to help everyone out. But all this did was require me to work harder and longer (costing me time and energy) to make up for what I needed to profit. Costs that ultimately affected my marriage and my ministry. I simply wasn’t being a good steward.

I can’t be scared of money anymore. We have been taught it over and over. Money is not evil, it is the LOVE of money that is evil. (1 Tim 6:10) I was believing the lie that wanting to increase my profits was evil so I avoided the topic at all costs……and it cost me all too much. I never want to “long for it” as the scripture warns but I do want to be a better steward of my gifts, work, energy and time. I want to steward {well}

My husband and I are now able to walk this entrepreneurial journey together, as a team, and I am so thankful God has restored our marriage. We are striving to be better stewards in our businesses with time, energy and gifts because we know what “not being a good steward” can cost and it’s just not worth it.

So I leave us with a few questions::

  • Are you running a hobby, a ministry or a business? 
  • How much is your business costing you?
  • Are you being a good steward of your time, energy and gifts? 
  • Is it time to reconsider your ‘business’ model, time invested or pricing?

To listen to or watch our Swell Session with Marshawn Daniels on this very topic of Confidence, Calling and Cash click here.

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