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This summer I had the incredible priveledge to travel to South Sudan with Seed Effect. I wrote about it here.  I had every intention of writing more posts, but I struggled to attach words to what I was experiencing. I was overcome with fear that my humble words would not do the experience, the people or the work justice. And honestly, that people wouldn’t care.

Then there was this podcast sitting in my files that I kept avoiding for all the same reasons.

But one day I chose to start the editing process. Isn’t that how it is so often with those big projects, sometimes the most meaningful; we avoid them because they seem so impossible and heavy?

But as I listened I went back to that place in Africa and I laughed and I cried and I realized…… watch Its not my words that will connect people to the work Seed Effect is doing or to South Sudan, it’s Lillian’s.

buy Lyrica online I promise its worth a listen.

My dear friend Marcy, who was with me interviewing Lillian, wrote these words:

When I met Lillian there was a shift, a shift in perspective.
As a woman.
A leader in my community.
A steward of the things I’ve been given.

We drove to her marketplace, further up in the South Sudanese mountains — it was halfway thru our visit to Kajo Keji,
I finally (kind of) felt like I had my footing. The red dirt roads and beautiful dark faces were starting to feel a bit more familiar. A bit more safe. A bit more like home.
I had slept well the night before, my vision of the whole experience feeling a little less blurred.

When we met Lillian, we felt a difference immediately — there was a fire in her eyes.
A passion and a clarity. A brilliance that cannot be denied.

Lilian is a school teacher by day and runs a successful business on the side.
She has a 5 year old daughter, Janet, in boarding school in Kampala.
A husband named Edward, at University in Juba.
She is paying the tuition for both.

I wish you could meet this woman — 
I wish you could sit down next to her and hear her story,
see the passion she has for building her nation, her DEEP love for God,
her devotion and discipline in caring for her family,
I wish you could hold her hands in yours and see her smile.
I count it an incredible honor to have been able to know her.

She is a picture of the HOPE that is rising up in South Sudan —
She is an image of JOY in the midst of sorrow —
She is a vision of the FUTURE  that is coming for this nation.
She is all I hope to be.
She is such a reminder of the ability we ALL have to shift and change this world when we’re devoted to our God.

I am so excited for you to hear her stories — her wisdom.
Her experiences and success with Seed Effect.
When Jenn and I sat down with her our lives and purposes and truths shifted so dramatically.
We laid in bed that night, tucked inside our little mosquito nets, headlamps ablaze, struck with awe at how BIG and GRACIOUS our God is.
To have allowed our paths to cross —
I pray that same awe over you — I pray that HER brilliance would move you deeply into YOURS.

12_Lillian Munduru_20150806_SE_Close_Portraits_0300 Lillian-blog-photos

For more information about go here SEED EFFECT and the microloan work they are doing in South Sudan visit HERE.

If you are in the Dallas are on November 5th, 2015, we would love to invite you to our Seed Effect Turns 6 party that will include a photography gallery, Light in the Darkest of Places, featuring the incredible stories of the South Sudanese. You’ll be inspired by their beauty in the midst of the chaos, their dignity through the adversity, and their hope despite hardship.



Photos by Mo Sadjadpour & Eddy Badrina

Podcast with Seed Effect co-founder Missy Williams

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