how to use google analytics to find your tribe


As I am sure you can relate, the hustle of daily life often visit this page takes a village or a tribe to survive. I have a group of girls who are my personal tribe. They love me on my good days, and look past my bad days. They even brag about me sometimes….and there is nothing more encouraging than overhearing a compliment. We invest in each other because we get to and the relationships bear fruit.

The same goes for business. You must go find and invest in your tribe. The people who love you for you…For what you are all about, they always look past the inconsistent and poorly cropped Instagram and they are the first to celebrate those moments when you get it just right.

cheap tinidazole Google Analytics can help you find and invest in your tribe.

I use Google Analytics to figure out:

Who are my raving fans and where do they hang out online?
How do they connect with their friends?
What are they into?

Don’t worry, I know that the charts and graphs here can give you scary flashbacks from high school geometry. But stick with me here, I am going to show you 3 quick reports that you can refer to every week that will help you understand who your raving fans are.

Grab a steaming cup of coffee and open up your GA account. If you don’t know where or how, hit me up, I will help you including how to understand the best google analytics reports in order to make the most of your Google Analytics. Some people find that coming to terms with google analytics could be difficult for them, luckily there are sources out there that could help those who are looking to figure it out, for example, sources that are similar to among others..

  • Referral Reports: Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals
    This will tell us where your Raving Fans also hang out online. If you think of the internet as a shopping mall (which it kinda is), this report will tell us which store they were in before they walked into your store/site.
  • Social Media: Acquisition > Social > Overview
    This is what I like to call, figure-out-what-is-working-at-a-glance report. This is a broad look at which social media network is driving traffic to your site. Where are YOUR people most engaged? You are likely spending a lot time writing/tweaking/editing for Insta-Facebook-Pinterest-Parascope is it worth it? This report will tell us.
  • Site Content: Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
    Quite simply these are the most popular pages on your site, these are blog topics that your audience wants to read. Write more of them. Well written content is great for Niche Edits placement; if you enlist the services of a digital marketing agency, this is something they can do to help boost your search ranking results.

The numbers tell a story. Your story. Dig into the numbers and discover who your people are and connect with them. Read the blogs they read. Spend more time on the social networks that they are on and less time trying to be everywhere. Become more of a subject matter expert on the topics they love. Growing your business certainly takes hustle, but it always comes back to connecting with people.

I wish you the best in finding your voice and the tribe that loves it. Let me know how I can help. I’ll be cheering for you!


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