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main-web-graphicSo you may have heard of – a popular free website link shortening service. We love it for more reasons than just shortening links and we thought we’d share them with you.

govern xenical uk 1. Shortening URLs – For those who aren’t familiar with premarin cream cost walmart, lets first start with the basics. The main reason people use buy claritin is to shorten website URL links so that they are cleaner and shorter for sharing on multiple platforms including social media. They are great for printed materials if you have a long website link that you don’t want someone to have to type out. The most common reason to shorten links is for twitter where you are limited to only 140 characters in a tweet. save is FREE but we recommend setting up an account so that you can utilize the other benefits it provides, like….. perfect 2. Keeping Track – With a free account, keeps track of all the links you have created in the past so that you can go back and grab them to use over and over.

Continued 3. Custom Links – We love this feature because it allows us to maintain a certain level of branding when we shorten our links. For instance, if the website link we want to share is we can create a custom shortened link – Sometimes you may have to try a couple of different customizations to find one that hasn’t been created before. For instance we first tried but it was taken already so we created a more “branded” link by adding ‘well’ at the end.

4. Analytics – A fourth reason to use is for the analytics. For instance we have created a custom link to our blog for our instagram profile – This way when we share about a blog post on our instagram, we can track analytics that day to see how many people clicked on our blog. You can create a custom link to your general blog or link to the specific blog post. If you link to the specific post, don’t forget to change the link back to your general blog! even offers an app for your smart phone.

For more detailed step by step instructions for how to use here is a slide show from Marketing Pros

How to Use Bitly, a URL Shortener from MarketingProfs

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