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3 lies you believe about technology


buy Dilantin 100mg {part one} Ladies, there is nothing worse than feeling ‘out-of-the-loop’, ‘out-dated’, or ‘behind’ in the current marketplace trends as well as in our own personal lives. Technology has a way of making you feel stupid or dumb about the littlest things. While initially there is freedom in the fact that you have found a confidence about […]


new site launch + celebrate with a giveaway!


WOW! What a journey this has been….and someday soon we will share the whole journey of dreaming, planning, launching, failing, discouragement, fear, and now……relaunching with you:) But today we just want to CELEBRATE!!!! The Lord burdened our hearts over a year and a half ago to create a community for women who love Jesus and […]


a new way of goal setting


It’s that time again….goal setting – everyone is talking about it, posting about it and instagraming about it….and so are we. I (jenn) must be honest. In years past, I got so distracted and overwhelmed by everyone ELSE’s goals and successes that I simply got depressed! I am determined to NOT let that happen in […]

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