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restless // tangled threads


buy Pregabalin online australia Kelly and I attended the IF:Gathering in Austin,Tx this last weekend. It was a gathering of women brought together to be equipped and unleashed to do God’s work. It is the vision of Jennie Allen, the author of Restless. One of the most powerful quotes from Bianca Olthoff I heard that resonated so deeply in […]


if: gathering + read {well} book club


We have two exciting gatherings coming up we want to share!!!! IF:Gathering Austin,Tx + {well} Meet-up Lunch Do you live in Austin OR will you be in town attending IF:Gathering this weekend? If so we would love to meet you! We have reserved 20 seats at a local Austin restaurant – just walking distance from […]


new site launch + celebrate with a giveaway!


WOW! What a journey this has been….and someday soon we will share the whole journey of dreaming, planning, launching, failing, discouragement, fear, and now……relaunching with you:) But today we just want to CELEBRATE!!!! The Lord burdened our hearts over a year and a half ago to create a community for women who love Jesus and […]


a new way of goal setting


It’s that time again….goal setting – everyone is talking about it, posting about it and instagraming about it….and so are we. I (jenn) must be honest. In years past, I got so distracted and overwhelmed by everyone ELSE’s goals and successes that I simply got depressed! I am determined to NOT let that happen in […]

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