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i’ll see it when i believe it

By As a mindset coach I help female entrepreneurs work through fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs, and pretty much anything getting in their way of success. I so often hear new clients saying, “that sounds great, but I’ll believe it once I see it happen”. Living with this mindset is really saying, “I don’t believe God is […]


how to handle burnout


Do you know how hard it was to even sit down and start this post? Oh, wait. You probably do because you saw the title and thought “I am burned out. I haven’t been able to write in a while. I don’t feel inspired. Some days I just want to stay in bed. Actually I […]


instead of goal-setting we say…


What started as a different approach to goal-setting three years ago, is now something we have settled into. Instead of goal-setting we REFLECT & REFOCUS. I have a love-hate relationship with goal setting as I assume some of you do in some way. We get so motivated by the newness of the new year, but […]

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