ch. 31 – social media // podcast with kristen mccall


“Fill me with Your Spirit in a new way today. Give me the wisdom to look at all of my social media through the lens of your eternal perspective. Give me the strength and discipline to be a good steward of my time and talents and to always remember that my life and my words are a reflection of You.”

– Kristen Steele McCall from 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer

Social Media is a part of our daily lives. We influence others with it and we are influenced by it. Its also a tool the enemy is using to tear down and divide, to create jealousy and envy.

Sometimes we are tempted to post everything…or it just didn’t happen. In our podcast with Rebekah Lyons, we talk about this too….that maybe there are some things God wants to just keep to Himself and us. So how do we know? What questions should we ask? How should we pray?

Today’s Swell Session is with Kristen McCall. Kristen wrote the prayer on Social Media from a place of truly understanding what it means to wrestle between posting honestly and authentically and maybe posting too much. So what questions should we be asking ourselves as we post online. How can we glorify the Lord through social media


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Do you struggle with knowing what is too personal and private to post vs. being truly authentic on social media?


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