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It is not lost on us that God is in the details and that this chapter has landed on the day of rest this month. Today we get to hear directly from the author of the chapter on Rest + Balance, Aedriel Moxley.

buy furosemide in uk About my prayer….

This prayer. I was so conflicted while writing it. I know the purpose of the book is to encourage women to dream, which I think is so very important,  but I also think it’s important to give women the space to just get through the day! We are bombarded with messages telling us to hustle and chase after it and while that might be your desire, it’s perfectly okay if it’s not.  When the chase becomes blurred with the temptation of putting our dream before God’s desires for us, I think it leaves us completely and utterly exhausted.
Perhaps every generation feels like they have it different than the last but our generation truly is experiencing a time unlike any other! We are inundated with distractions, be it social media, email or texting. Sometimes with all those distractions our constant speed becomes ‘busy’ and  we forget to give ourselves permission to rest. For me, it is in my quiet restful time that I feel the most connected to God. It’s also the time I long for the most. He wants our attention!! All of our attention. And it’s not just during rest when He wants our attention. He wants it while we’re texting and while we’re interacting on social media and while we’re talking to our husbands and while we’re reading our kids a bedtime story. I chose this prayer because carving out time of rest, without feeling guilty (like I should be doing something more important) is something I advocate but also struggle with.  In this season of my life, I feel a constant tug on my heart to support other women with a message of acceptance and support. I want to tell YOU that “you’re right where you’re supposed to be”. God writes all the pages in our book and this chapter might be the highlight or it might be the lull, but ultimately, it’s His to write. Relax into it, friend. The story isn’t over. A little about me… 

What matters most to me, aside from my faith, is my family. We call New Mexicohome and enjoy being outside more than anything else. My husband Matt and I own a landscape construction business, True West, along with a design business and I post at We’re a blended family with five kids which means life is a little crazy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’m a firm believer in never saying never.  You can NEVER know for sure what tomorrow will bring- how exciting is that?

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Share some things you do to accomplish rest and balance in your daily life?


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