ch. 8 wellness // ss#8 with alisa keeton

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Chapter 8 on Wellness written by Alisa Keeton

For some a prayer on wellness may seem out-of-place for a collection of prayers for dreamers and doers, but for me personally it was so important to include. Stress and exhaustion has been a challenge for me since I began my entrepreneur life and has hindered my ministry, my relationships and even my marriage.

Alisa has an incredible gift to encourage men and women in this area of wellness without a spirit of judgement. We chat about the life of freedom from guilt and shame God desires for us but also remember he desires us to be fit for ministry….and “fit” not in the way you may think….

We pray this podcast with Alisa encourages you.

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What role does wellness play in your life right now…is it a struggle, is it something you feel shame about or are you successfully managing wellness in your life?

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