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Surrender was my word for 2016. What the heck was I thinking? Lesson learned. My future words for each year will be things like: Favor, Prosperity, or Joy. You tracking with me? I’ll reserve the study and contemplation of surrender to one day in a bible study of my choosing. I’m only half kidding.

As a Christ follower I have to believe that “surrender” for 2016 was exactly what God wanted to for my personal and professional life. I imagined this surrender would include giving up some spending habits so we could pay off all our credit card debt, or eating less marshmallows at my desk. It never occurred to me that I would be selling my business or telling you about this massive chapter ending in my professional life.

As I vet interested buyers I’m reminded that whoever buys my company will take it to the next level of profitability and success. That’s reassuring as the seller on the money side but hard to accept on a personal side. Baby Bow Tie was a passion project turned into big profits. Inspired by my son, my accessory company has been featured in Neimans, Nordstroms, Good Morning America and over 100 boutiques across the nation. I’m going to miss the high that comes with each milestone in this company. I’m going to miss the thrill of opening a new account. And I’m going to miss being associated with the company. It’s my baby. Whoever inherits this business will exceed my success and I know that will be hard to watch. I’m human.

“Embracing endings in order to receive new beginnings is one of the most fundamental tasks of the spiritual life–and this is especially true for Christian leaders.” Scazzero, The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Many have tried to talk me out of selling Baby Bow Tie. It’s a debt free profitable company positioned for explosive growth. Why sell now? Well, it would be an act of surrender. As my non-profit continues to grow I have to make room in my life for that growth.

Someone asked me this week what my NYE plans are and I snort-laughed. NYE?? I’m not ready for Christmas people, I’m not thinking about NYE or 2017. But in a few short days you and I are going to be re-assessing our goals for 2017 and I can’t help wonder if you have a necessary ending in your personal or professional life in store.

I’d love to write you a post about the 3 steps to know for sure what to do next in your life but no one has that figured out my friend. What I can share with you the one thing bringing me comfort in my surrender to my chapter ending with my business. God is the dream giver, sustainer and re-inventor. Most dreamers and doers focus all our attention on the birth of a dream and the sustaining work of doing to bring that dream to life that we forget that God re-invents our dreams too and sometimes asks us to surrender them.

“Callings are organic just like the people God uses to invest in them. To decide at 25 that we know exactly what this thing is suppose to look like is to set ourselves up for failure, faithlessness and boredom and to miss some of the most meaningful relationships in our lives. Don’t fix your feet in concrete.” Beth Moore, Entrusted bible study.

Baby Bow Tie was a plan-B, a back up, a fail safe, an extra measure of protection and I’m surrendering that for what I believe is God’s calling to be all-in with Polished. I posted the intention to sell my company and I visit the link once a day with a temptation to take it down and play it safe. But if 2016 has taught me anything it’s that surrender to Christ is a trust fall into trustworthy and dependable arms. little-bird

If you’re interested in buying Baby Bow Tie you can learn more about the company here and you can email Kat:


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