confessions from a cubicle – part one


I’m a dreamer currently working a corporate career while also being a wife and mom. I have my own business and look forward to fulfilling my dream of being a full time entrepreneur one day. For such a long time, I’ve enjoyed both careers as each one has unique characteristics that challenged me. It’s been a long journey of hard work, discipline, schedules and most importantly grace to get me to the place I am today.

I’m often asked, how do you manage it all? From wife, mom, VP and a business owner my days are full. Honestly, I love every minute of it. I am passionate about what I do and when you love what you do, you are never really working.

Since many have asked, I wanted to share 5 lessons I have learned over the years.

buy provigil online legit 1. Set realistic and measurable goals and share them with an accountability partner.
You have to know where you are going in order to celebrate when you get there. Your accountability partner will be there to help you get back on track when you fall and also share in your success along the way.

how can i get antabuse out of my system faster 2. Have a strong support system.
My husband and boys are involved in my business and we each play a valuable role. We support each other and it’s critical for me to have this in place. Where I am weak, they are strong and together we are unstoppable.

3. Delegate
As much as I would love to do everything, I simply need to find others to help me. I have an assistant who is a valuable part of my business and without her, I’d be a mess!

4. Laugh
I have to laugh at myself sometimes and stop taking everything so seriously. Enjoy each and every step in the process.

5. I gave Wonder Woman her cape back.
I love being me, I embrace everything – flaws and all. The cape brought too much pressure and it really didn’t match my outfit anyway.

So, What happens next for me? Stay tuned. And if you are heading to Camp Well this fall, I will see you there!


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