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Kelly Rucker Photography-22 As women of faith, one of our greatest callings is to love and serve others. Servanthood doesn’t have to be complicated, even the simplest acts of kindness can change someone’s day. Take a moment to think about the people in your life – friends, family, co-workers, people in your neighborhood and community, the elderly, the homeless, the widowed…we all have someone in our life we can serve. Just the other day my friend was telling me about how she helped her elderly relative by showing her around the Lakeside Manor Assisted Living facility which would be a way to make sure she is always safe. However, often assisted living isn’t the only option and can be avoided. If an elderly person you know is at risk of getting into a situation where he or she needs urgent help, an alert system could be better. In case of a fall those devices send out a warning to a relative or caregiver, so they still have their freedom but are also looked after. Other ways in which you can help are by being kind to your family and doing favours for them, which is incredibly important, especially when they start getting older and need a helping hand. Here are some practical and creative ways we can serve others… buy nolvadex ireland Practical Ways to Serve

  • Provide a meal. – {homemade, store bought or takeout – doesn’t matter!}
  • Write a letter. – {share words of encouragement or a prayer}
  • Strike up a conversation. – {how many times do we avoid our neighbors or people in our community because we are in a hurry or simply don’t feel like socializing? Let’s get out of our comfort zone and get to know the people in our community!}
  • Offer a ride. – {carpool with a friend to church or work, kids to school, take the elderly grocery shopping or to their doctor appointments}
  • Give your time. – {volunteer at a non-profit or in your community}
  • Pray for others. – {offer to pray with someone in person or over the phone}
  • Open your home. – {get to know your neighbors by sharing a home-cooked meal}

where can you buy antabuse Creative Ways to Serve

  • Doggy spa day! – {offer to take a friend’s dog to the groomer for them}
  • Clean house. – {offer to clean yourself or hire a professional maid service)
  • Babysit. – {bless a mom with free time to run errands, or give a couple an opportunity to have a long over due date night}
  • Offer your talents. – {are you a biz owner? what service or product can you provide?}
  • Drink delivery. – {provide cold water/hot coffee to those working outside in the elements}
  • Help organize. – {do you have a knack for organization? Use it to serve someone}
  • Help set a budget. – {is financial management your strong suite? share your knowledge}
  • Mow the lawn. – {for a neighbor, someone disabled or the elderly. It’s great helping the elderly. We live near an elderly lady who’s been looking to buy a mobility scooter like it shows here and we’ve been helping her find the right one since she’s not great with technology! Doing simple tasks like mowing the lawn and cleaning their dishes really makes a difference to their day!}
  • Give necessities. – {give clothes, toiletries and blankets to someone less fortunate by making them a care package or goodie basket}
  • Homeless gift cards. – {keep $5-$10 fast food gift cards in your purse or car and give to the homeless instead of cash}
  • School supplies. – {buy for a child less fortunate at beginning of school year; fill a backpack!}
  • Snail mail. – {show your love to a friend by sending them something in the mail}

Sometimes we get so busy in our daily routine that we walk around with tunnel vision, not leaving room in our life to help those around us. Take a moment to pray, ask God to place on your heart someone who needs to be loved on. I pray we are always sensitive to the needs of others, live in community with our neighbors and bless those less fortunate. Let’s show the world the light of the Gospel.

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  1. Patti Ann Ridgway
    September 22, 2015 at 5:53 pm (4 years ago)

    Beautiful post. Many people feel they have to do sometning BIg…I say (like Matthew West….just “Do Something”!


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