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buy provigil online usa PRAYERS FOR THE DREAMER BOOK CLUB

ch. 31 – social media // podcast with kristen mccall


purchase Lyrica online “Fill me with Your Spirit in a new way today. Give me the wisdom to look at all of my social media through the lens of your eternal perspective. Give me the strength and discipline to be a good steward of my time and talents and to always remember that my life and my words […]


ch. 30 – online influence


“I open up my hands to You and say it’s Yours. My words, my thoughts, any sphere of influence I have online- do with it what You will. Speak clearly and help me to listen intently to what it is you want me to do…” – excerpt from the {online influence} prayer written by Jess Connolly in […]


5 technology tips for working moms


Technology is a blessing, but it’s naive to believe that blessing doesn’t come without some challenges. The secret to keeping technology from crossing over from blessing to curse is utilizing some tools & basic guidelines that keep you in the driver’s seat of your devices, rather than letting them control you. Here are 5 top […]


4 reasons to use


So you may have heard of – a popular free website link shortening service. We love it for more reasons than just shortening links and we thought we’d share them with you. 1. Shortening URLs – For those who aren’t familiar with, lets first start with the basics. The main reason people use […]


5 Ways to Automate Your Social Media


Yesterday’s post mentioned creating a social media strategy, doing it {well} and then giving God the results. As entrepreneurs, social media is a must to market our businesses. But all of the social networks can quickly become overwhelming – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ Vine, and the list goes on… and I don’t know about […]

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