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ch. 8 wellness // ss#8 with alisa keeton


can you buy modafinil in canada Chapter 8 on Wellness written by Alisa Keeton For some a prayer on wellness may seem out-of-place for a collection of prayers for dreamers and doers, but for me personally it was so important to include. Stress and exhaustion has been a challenge for me since I began my entrepreneur life and has hindered my ministry, […]

organize {well}

4 ways to organize your food life with evernote


I love food. Healthy, delicious, whole foods. In fact, I believe food is one of the most remarkable ways that God loves us and shows us His grace. Nourishing us. Sustaining us. And making it enjoyable at the same time. If there’s anything else I love too, it’s staying organized. When I’m at my best, […]


8 ways to take care of yourself


Self-care. What is it? I had never actually heard of this concept until a few years ago. Self-care comprises those activities performed independently by an individual to promote and maintain personal well-being throughout life. — Dorothea Orem, RN, BSN, MNE As entrepreneurs, we wear many different hats – business owner, mom, chaffer, cook, wife – […]


7 ways to care for your {well} being


What a privilege it is to have a family and run a business you love. Yet, let’s face it. We have so many things going on that it can become easy to forget about our own health and well-being. As the ideas, creativity & paperwork flow alongside of the laundry, dishes and grocery runs, we […]