that mountaintop


Do you have that one place in your life where you just know God met you. Like face to face, met you, spoke to you, broke you in a way you desperately needed?

Maybe its not a place, maybe it was a moment. neurontin cost walmart Can you recall it?

My mountain top moment was literally ON. A. MOUNTAIN.

Last fall I was walking through a difficult season. The Lord, knowing I love to travel, sent me on an adventure for a few months to process and heal. This looked like traveling to some of my favorite places, some new places and spending time with dear friends getting poured into. One particular trip was to a ranch in Colorado that two of my friends run. I remember the day I was about to drive up there. I was on a walk, talking to God, wrestling with the fact that I was feeling freedom and joy and healing in the midst of walking through a divorce. I couldn’t reconcile being joyful in the midst of something God never designed to happen. I wondered if I was in denial because this joy seemed so unnatural. The Lord, in His graciousness, spoke two things so clearly to me:

  1. Jenn, my word says buy tadalafil dapoxetine I am your great Healer, your Counselor, your Redeemer. You are not in denial. I AM the one who rescues. Do you believe what my word says about me? Why are you surprised at the power of my healing?
  2. You prayed, believed and hoped for 15 years that I would redeem and restore your marriage and although I did not restore your marriage I am redeeming and restoring YOU. Your prayers were not in vain.

I breathed it all in and said out loud “I receive this in the name of Jesus” and decided then and there to walk in unashamed joy.

That afternoon I drove the two hours to Lost Valley Ranch where I was going to spend some time with the Lord and with friends to heal. When I got there, my friend drove me up the mountain and told me the story of the largest forest fire in Colorado history that had spread across 138,000 acres – 500 acres of those acres make up Lost Valley Ranch. As we drove up and through the forest, everything around me was charred and burned. It was devastating. With my mouth and eyes wide open in shock, he said “if you look closely you can see life sprout up from the ashes.” And there I could see it….little sprouts of bright green against the black branches. The symbolism wasn’t lost on me. This is what God promises, beauty from ashes. The most incredible part of the story came next. This fire swept fast through the forest acres but right as it approached the 500 acres of LOST VALLEY where the cattle, horses and cabins sat, the fire split and went right around it, protecting every single acre.

Lost Valley is a dude ranch so twice a day they lead horseback rides up through the mountains. I asked if the guests who had been coming for years were disappointed now that the entire surrounding forest is burned down. He said “you know, we have a few people who are disappointed, especially those who didn’t know about the burn. but most people come out here and see the beauty of the burn. What used to be walls of trees to your left and right as you ride is now completely clear – you no longer see the blackened charred trees, you see far past that….God’s majestic creation, Pikes Peak, and the valley below that was protected. In that moment God healed a fear I had been carrying since facing divorce. I didn’t want people distracted by my brokenness and suffering. And in that moment, the Lord spoke again….He said, there may be a few who are distracted by your divorce but most will see through the suffering and see me in all my glory.

Don’t think that my last day there on my ride I didn’t leave with a charred branch from that land. A sweet reminder that the Lord has already begun to redeem and restore the beauty from ashes.


Has the Lord met you in a profound way? Do you NEED Him to meet you in a profound way? Pray that He does and I promise He Will.

What I am most excited about is that I get to take 50 women back to the place this fall that the Lord met me on that mountain. Our next Camp Well session is at Lost Valley Ranch and we still have a few spots left. Will you pray about joining us? I don’t doubt that the Lord still has some moments left on that mountain for some dreamers and doers. Click HERE for more info about our next Camp Well!

2 Comments on that mountaintop

  1. Rebecca Howard
    July 19, 2017 at 9:01 pm (2 years ago)

    My husband has been going to Lost Valley Ranch every year for a men’s retreat very similar to the one you are hosting in October. I have to say, amazing things happen at that place!

    I would love to come see this amazing place myself after hearing all the stories he tells me. My hubby was baptized there and I wish I cold experience it and join you all. Financially, I just don’t think it’s in the cards but I will be praying for you all! I don’t know why God has placed that on my heart, I literally just stumbled across your website today after picking up the 31 Days of Prayer book from the library this afternoon. I have never heard of the Well Studio until today when I was reading the book. What a beautiful ministry! I just began my first “blog adventure” a couple weeks, so I am such a newbie and feel WAY out of my league… but your book is already helping me realize this isn’t about me, but about God. (Amen!?) Thank you and God bless you all at the retreat in Lost Valley. I will be praying for everyone of you ladies (and I really mean that!). Maybe one day I can join you all! :). God bless!

    • the {well} studio
      December 13, 2017 at 9:16 am (2 years ago)

      Hi Rebecca! We are about to announce our next two dates and location of Camp Well for 2018!!! I think you will be happy:) definitely sign up for our newsletter over on campwellsummit.com to get all the details if you haven’t already. Praying teh Lord can make a way!


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