tips + tools for marketing workflow // part 1


DeathtoStock_Creative Community7 (Custom) When you’re responsible for managing Digital Marketing for 20+ clients, finding the right workflow is the difference between success and insanity. When it comes to content marketing, consider tools, apps, plugins, and platforms your bff’s, saving graces, and lifelines. There is, however, an overwhelming list of options to choose from, so today I’m going to share with you my faves curated mostly through personal trial and error. Now, having a tool kit in your back pocket can be pretty handy especially if said tool has been made specifically for your company and needs from business technology designers like SDLC Partners, though if you’re using public tools, knowing which tools to use and where within your workflow is key. Use this list below as a helpful reference guide to match the most essential tools to common content marketing assignments. In a nutshell, working smarter, not harder.

Plan, Organize, Repeat

Because a goal without a plan is just a wish. And because, failing to plan, is planning to fail. You get the idea so I’ll spare you any more planning quotes. 😉 ? Google Calendar (For scheduling meetings and team events) can you order Lyrica online ? Google Docs (For creating drip marketing, documents, surveys and client questionnaires) ? Evernote (For note taking, research storage, and document collaboration) ? Trello (Project and content management – keeps track of everything). If you are someone who has trouble being organised or are in the process of running a startup business, the use of software such as Trello can play a large part when it comes to project management and improving workflow, especially with the addition of trello time tracking. So we’ll have no excuses when it comes to not prioritising and staying organised.

Content Creation

Creative muse where art thou? Use these inspiring resources to lift you out of your content rut. (Warning: it’s easy to get lost in these sites. Be careful to stay on task so you don’t end up just aimlessly wandering forgetting why you were there in the first place! Or,maybe that only happens to me.) You may also want to check out what is blogging to find out more about blogging and it’s uses. ? Hubspot Blog Topic Generator (For generating ideas fast) ? Upworthy (Social media news site that helps content go viral) ? Buzz Sumo (This competitive content discovery tool gives you insight into the most popular content and the influencers sharing it) ? TED Talks (News and content aggregation) ? Reddit (the front range of the internet) ? Twitter (Use lists and trends to find ideas) ? Google Trends (Newsfeed of the hottest searches in Google at that moment) ? Pinterest (No further explanation needed)

Graphic Design & Imagery

Confession. I am a wannabe Graphic Designer. Just because I’m obsessed with fonts, and nerd out on Photoshop shortcuts does not make me a visual artist; this I know. So if you find yourself in a similar boat (or are simply short on time) you’re gonna fall in la-la-love with these wannabe designer tools. ? Canva (Choose from more than one million layouts, stock photographs and illustrations) ? (For designing quality infographics) ? Piktochart (Another tool for infographics – I seriously can never get enough of the infographics) ? PicMonkey (Edit images like a boss and on the cheap) ? Death To Stock Photo (a free photo database that delivers a fresh hi-res pack right in your inbox each month – or upgrade to their premium service)

Stay tuned for part 2!

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