{Well} + Seed Effect in South Sudan

Abau Mary2The heart and burden of The {well} Studio is encouraging and equipping women entrepreneurs. Several years ago I sat in a Leadercast Conference and learned for the first time about micro loans and the impact they are making on the lives of entrepreneurs marginalized communities across the world. I wanted to be a part of this impact and loved that I could be a part of giving small seed loans to entrepreneurs and be a part of equipping them to run their business.

We have been praying for an opportunity to do more with microlending and recently that prayer was answered! A few months I was invited to travel with Seed Effect and be a part of encouraging and training the women business owners in South Sudan in August of this year. I am beyond honored and excited to be a part of this team and hear these women’s stories. You may be wondering….why South Sudan? One of the guys on the team explained it so well. Seed Effect is like a Special Forces team, going into a country and mobilizing where other organizations are leaving because its too expensive and too dangerous.

Can you imagine running your business today and all that it requires while you face disease, war, hunger and economic distress? Can you imagine not feeling free to dream? We would love for you to be a part of this work and get involved in what Seed Effect is doing in South Sudan.

review There are two ways right now to join us:

buy Lyrica online overnight PRAY – Please pray for the safety of our team from August 2-12th. Pray that we would empty ourselves and pour into these business owners, encourage and love on them. Pray for wisdom as I teach. I will specifically be teaching on Stewarding your Business! Pray for the gospel to be clearly and boldly shared.

GIVE – I am almost 75% funded for my trip and have a little ways to go. Any small amount will be such a blessing and anything beyond my trip costs will go directly to Seed Effect and their support of entrepreneurs in South Sudan. Click HERE to give.

Thank you for your prayers and support and for the desire to be a part of this work of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs in South Sudan. To join a mailing list specifically about staying connected with our partnership with Seed Effect, click HERE.

square color-01xoxo,
Jenn Sprinkle