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additional hints Who you are and what you do?

Jenna is a wife and rescue puppy mom who loves coffee and macaroni and cheese. She is an advocate of yoga pants and working from bed! Jenna is a fine art Midwest and destination wedding photographer and blogger who regularly watercolor paints for her print shop.

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Why did you start your business?

I went to school and double majored with business administration and communication thinking I would love corporate America and was ready to climb the corporate ladder. Turns out, I didn’t love it and I started doing photography for fun. It quickly evolved into a business and within one year of starting it, I quit my corporate gig and went full time with wedding photography shooting 25 weddings my first full time summer. The print shop started as something I was doing to relax and quickly became a fun side project, I love painting and script so it’s been a super awesome gig!


What keeps you motivated?

I am a chaser of happiness – to me, happiness trumps all things. My faith helps me to let go of the things I can’t control and focus on the things I can. I have the best cheering squad behind me from my husband to our family and friends and I just continue to follow my heart and push forward towards the next adventure. I was born a driven girl, so I never quit – I’m the reckless abandon type who will keep going.


What is your biggest challenge?

Balance – always has been, always will be. It’s so hard to find a balance between work and life, dream chasing and being present. It’s nearly impossible to separate work and life when what you do is such an extension of your being and who you are as an artist. It’s something I am constantly working on.


What is your greatest reward?

Time. They say time is money, but time is life. I love being able to spend lazy days with my husband and pups, I truly love working from home (in bed, in yoga pants, unshowered) and having the flexibility to travel and spend time with friends. Time to me is invaluable and I am so thankful for the ample time I have been given to both build my business and chase happiness.


Why is your faith so important in running your business and in your daily life?

Faith to me is seeing beauty in the everyday, in the mundane events of life. It’s trusting in the Lord’s hand in all you do from your success to your failures, the triumps and the curveballs. Knowing that there is a divine plan helps to let go of the little things and fix your eyes on Him. Faith plays a role in my life and marriage and I can’t imagine not clinging to the promises we have been given. Listening to worship music from the moment I get up and as I work has been a routine that I love – it fuels my work day and feeds my heart.


How do you stay organized?

It’s hilarious, when it comes to business stuff I am super Type A – life, not so much. I have a beautiful office (that I rarely use) but I have files for all of my clients and an organized email inbox to keep things in one place. I keep to a structured schedule everyday and treat my job as though I was reporting to an outside office. It helps me to stay on top of work and allows me to shut down at the end of the day!

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What office product can you not live without?

My Mac, seriously, I love my computer and the fact that I can work wherever it is with me. We are the best of friends (I wish I was kidding) but having both a laptop and a desktop allows me to work where I feel like working whether that’s up north at the lake, on a plane, in a Starbucks, or from bed. It gives me the freedom to take work on the road and not feel guilty for punching hours in the office.

What software can you not live without?

Photoshop! I remember feeling SO overwhelmed when I started using Photoshop – I am self trained everything, from photography to editing, video to painting. I enjoy teaching myself and learning along the way. Photoshop has come in clutch in so many ways from editing images to creating my blog layout to uploading my prints to my shop! It’s amazing what one program is capable of and I know I have only scratched the service of it all.


What apps make your life easier?

Well, Instagram sure makes my life a lot prettier. I love the connection you can get through the imagery of it all! My husband and I are trying to coordinate our calendars so we just go “Up To” from the app store! (Wish us luck, we need to share our calendar!) I also love the VSCO app for editing imagery, their company is incredible and their editing software is fantastic!

When designing your office where did you get your inspiration?

Our office came together sort of organically. Of course I love following my favorite creatives spaces when they are featured but each piece sort of just landed in there whether it was a hand me down, a thrift find, or something that we stumbled upon along the way! It continues to evolve and change as we settle into our home! It never looks the same from day to day!


Brands represented in your office:

Silver Shelving: Target

Office Chair: Crate and Barrel

Arm Chair: Antique from Mother-in-law

Rug: Rugs USA

Gold Accent Table: Target

Milk Crates: Vintage Thrifts

Office Storage: Target

Large Frame: Given by friend

Office Art: Hand Painted


Headshots by: Chloe Ann Photography

Office Photos by: Jenna Leigh


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