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Jennifer Harrup + Jennifer Laura Design

Jennifer Harrup has been planning and designing weddings for four years. She operates Jennifer Laura Design a full service planning, design, and floral house. She creates fresh, interesting, and unique events for a limited number of brides every year.

mail order prednisone website // instagram // facebook // twitter 

Kelly Rucker Photography_115Kelly Rucker Photography_108 Why did you start your business?

I started my business out of a love for planning my own wedding. I fell in love with the process and I just knew I needed to do more. My wedding was over, but the obsession had only just begun.

Kelly Rucker Photography_120 Kelly Rucker Photography_119

What keeps you motivated?

My clients, their dependance on me and their dream of a beautiful and personal wedding day.

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What is your biggest challenge?

Working out of my home- it’s such a blessing and such a challenge. I love getting to wake up with my little boy, feed him his breakfast, and play with him at lunchtime. My husband typically watches him for the first half of the day. But it makes staying focused challenging- he often comes in my office to show me things or tell me about his day which I love…but he is so cute…and so distracting 🙂

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What is your greatest reward?

My salvation through Jesus Christ. I have been a christian since I was a child, but lost my way so many times. I’m so grateful God kept pulling me back to him and took me back with open arms.

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Why is your faith so important in running your business and in your daily life?

It is what drives me and leads me on a daily basis. My business is in God’s hands, he is the driving force of everything that I do here. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate my human/selfish dreams and goals to see if they align with what God wants for me. It’s a process of tuning everything else out, listening only to him, and letting him change my heart.

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What scripture do you cling to?

My grace is sufficient for you, my power is made perfect in your weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8

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How do you stay organized?

I use a combination of google calendar and a spiral notebook so I can make a giant to-do list every day. I started making my to- do list for the following day at the end of my work day the previous day, this has been a huge time saver. Instead of feeling drowned in e-mail and creating a to- do list first thing in the morning, I can quickly tackle e-mail and then start on my to- do list. For my clients I also use wunderlist to hi-light some major to-dos I need to keep in check- like finding a photographer or scheduling a day of venue tours.

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What office product can you not live without?

So generic, but a spiral notebook. I make my to-do lists in one of these everyday- I need a lot of room to scribble, jot down notes, and write specific to-dos for each clients that day. It’s not pretty, but I can’t work without it.

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What software can you not live without?

I’m not a graphic designer, but I often find myself creating graphics for client’s weddings nonetheless. I use photoshop and powerpoint constantly.

What apps make your life easier?

the youversion bible app, wunderlist, and photosynth (I love taking panoramics of venue spaces so I can go back while designing to see every nook and cranny of a space including the ceiling!)

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When designing your office where did you get your inspiration?

I pulled inspiration from my website, I really wanted an office that reflected my branding. I also scoured Pinterest for many nights as well and used a lot of what I already had on hand to save money.

Sources | paint- BM super white, gold wire word art- Turn Left Designs, curtains- ikea, blue bench- target, pink pillow- ikea, gold pillow- hobby lobby, desk- ikea, shelves- ikea, black shell chairs- zoetico, blue wingback- thrifted from craigslist, gold desk lamp- urban outfitters, baskets- ikea, shelving unit- ikea, overhead light black and brass- ikea, frame collage wall- ikea, gold stapler- target, gold scissors- target, lucite desk accessories- the container store, white trash can- ikea, gold side table- target

Photos By: Paige Budde, Awake Photography

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